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Having been a user of the interweb since summer 1999, I’ve been to a fair few messageboards + yahoo groups + Facebook pages & similar online discussion forums over the years, and created a fair few myself mostly out of frustration at weird standards of moderation at these places that defy belief. Most of which I put down to Yahoo Answers, Facebook & other big social networking sites being HQ’ed in California, home to the weird SJW types that Steven Crowder & Milo regularly have a crack at.

With AlltheInterweb Web Design placed in charge of your messageboard or social media presence, you can guarantee it will be run with 100% pure Yorkshire commonsense, which is the best sort.

This means that unlike certain popular websites such as Yahoo Answers + Wikipedia, people who post genuinely useful stuff will be left to their own devices, while unlike these well known popular websites, there shall not be a severe brain fade when dealing with people making a nuisance of themselves.

Getting plagues of forum spammers under control + hunting them down a speciality.

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